New Release with Carl Weingarten

"Ocean Moon" is a new Lofi track that emerged from my collaboration through my Lofi artist alias, Retro Utopia, and renowned guitarist, Carl Weingarten. 

Carl Weingarten is celebrated for his mastery of ambient, jazz, and world music on the guitar, and it's an honor to work with him. The fusion of our styles gave birth to the ethereal and tranquil ambiance of “Ocean Moon.”

Carol and I collaborated remotely, exchanging ideas and drafts through digital communication. Retro Utopia laid the foundation with a soothing beat, allowing Carl Weingarten's expressive guitar work to take center stage in a process that I believe resulted in a harmonious and captivating composition.

"Ocean Moon" is an auditory expedition that transports listeners through dreamy textures and gentle melodies. It weaves nostalgia and anticipation.

Carl Weingarten is a highly acclaimed guitarist with a diverse musical background. He is known for his innovative use of the slide guitar and has explored various genres like ambient, jazz, and world music throughout his career. With a vast discography and a reputation for evocative performances, Carl's collaboration with Retro Utopia creates something totally new for both of our fans.

“Ocean Moon” will be released August 8, 2023, and available on all digital platforms.

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