Laura Sullivan



Call Out to Singers!


Are you a singer? I need your voice!


Tomorrow is the first day for submissions to get in my new video We Are Love!


I'm so excited about this. Please visit tomorrow morning to learn all the details and collaborate with me on this exciting new project!


50% of any proceeds of this song and video go to benefit Little Kids Rock! A very cool organization that gives free instruments and music lessons to kids where music programs in schools have been cut due to budget restrictions. 


Here are some photos of some of the wonderful people who have already joined in as part of our Teaser video:


Airplay on Peaceful Radio


Thanks so much to DJ Benno for the airplay today on Peaceful Radio! I hope everyone will check out this beautiful station.


Countdown to Crowdsourced Music Teaser Video Release!


I'm super excited to launch my new project just six days from now on October 2nd! This project is like no other I've done before. I'll be reaching out to the world to submit videos for inclusion in my new song and video "We Are Love!"


It would be such an honor for me to have YOUR participation! Please visit for all the details. Be brave and express yourself! This is going to be so much fun!


50% of the proceeds of this project will be donated to the wonderful organization, Little Kids Rock! This amazing charity gives free instruments and music lessons to under served children and has helped over 300,000 kids in the last 12 years.


Here is a photo of some of the wonderful people who have submitted content for our Teaser video.


Story for Moonlight Passage by Ron Shaw


I'm honored that author and radio host, Ron Shaw, wrote a story to accompany my composition Moonlight Passage. Just for fun, listen to the music while reading...


New York City, and it's 1942. The rain is coming down hard now, the night swallows him.
It's so damned hot.
He sits in his window sill staring motionless into the wet streets of New York City looking for a breeze; a girl to come back.
Staring at nothing really.
Even the streets of NYC are dead. 



#1 in Ambient on SF Reverb Nation!


Laura Sullivan is currently the number 1 artist in the Ambient genre for San Francisco on Reverb Nation!


Omkara Nominated for Hollywood Music in Media Awards!


The new album Omkara, The Sound of Divine Love has been nominated for Hollywood Music in Media Awards. Congratulations to Producer Rupam Sarmah, Pandit Vishwamohan Bhatt and all those associated with this wonderful album. I am honored to be a musical contributor to this great work.


Great Review of The Gathering II


What an honor to be included as a composer in The Gathering II, produced by Will Ackerman!

Here is an excerpt from a wonderful review by Michael Diamond of this special project:

"The profusion of masterful composing, arranging, and instrumentation create an experience to enjoy again and again, as you get to better know each composer and savor the subtle nuances that are heard in new ways with each listening."

Please visit Music Media and Focus to read the complete review!


The Gathering II


I'm honored and delighted to be included on The Gathering II, a brand new CD release produced by the living legend, founder of Windham Hill Records, Platinum and Grammy® winning artist Will Ackerman and recorded at Imaginary Road Studios in Vermont by Tom Eaton. Other artists on the album include Lawrence Blatt, Louis Colaiannia, Shambhu, Heidi Breyer, Vicente Avella, Isadar, Lynn Yew Evers, and many other wonderful musicians.


Love Is


I'm excited to be involved in another very cool collaboration! 

It was an honor to be invited to play piano on a song on the new album Love Is from amazing artist D. Edward, which will be available October 21, 2014. You can sign up for his mailing list here for special access to the pre-release, exclusive to fans! View the trailer of the album for more details.



Interview Tomorrow on NDJamz Radio!


Very excited that my interview with Patrice Tomlin at NDJamz Radio will be broadcast on their podcast tomorrow, Sunday August 24th! You can listen right here starting at 10AM PST up until midnight PST. Thanks so much for tuning in!