Laura Sullivan



Interview on Shop Worn Angel!


Super excited for my interview with Marni Portman of the wonderful show Shop Worn Angel to air tomorrow (Sunday) at 8-10PM CST! You can hear it all right here!


Interview with the Amazing Duo - Sarah Fragoso and Jason Seib!


It was so much fun to speak with best selling authors and health experts Sarah Fragoso and Jason Seib on their Paleo Lifestlye and Fitness Podcast!


Super cool trivia! Sarah Fragoso is my SISTER!! I'm so proud of her, and of Jason! They are such an inspiration for sooo many people, including me, in the area of living a healthy and vibrant life. It was such an honor to be included on their very popular show.


In our interview we talk about our childhood, my personal path with health, music and the global collaborative video project I'm producing to celebrate love and our connection as humanity.


Listen to the whole show RIGHT HERE!


Interview with Odile Milton


It was a pleasure to connect with Odile Milton about my new project We Are Love! you can read all about it right here on her blog Snowdrop's Garden.


Odile is hosting an art sharing platform of concepts, thoughts and inspiring issues related to Visual Arts and Sound Arts. She is organizing a dedicated art project on those topics that will be presented in Italy at a Cultural Festival in 2015. Interested parties can visit Snowdrop's Garden to connect with Odile for further information.


"We Are Love" Featured on Snowdrop's Garden!





Press Release for Collaborative Video Published Today!


Super excited that the press release for our new collaborative video project was published today! You can check out the entire article here on PRWeb!

“I encourage anyone that would like to participate to submit their video clip. We don’t only need singers, we need everybody!” - Laura Sullivan


Over 10K Views in 24 Hours! Wow!


So thrilled that the Official Teaser Video for our new project We Are Love received over 10,000 views during the first 24 hours of release! I'm so grateful for all the positive feedback and energy and for the many beautiful video submissions that are flowing in for this special project!


If you have submitted a video for the project, please know that I am personally looking at every single submission and am so deeply grateful to all of you! You are all amazing and I love you!




Official Teaser Video Release!


Super excited that our Official Teaser video for our collaborative globally created love song and video We Are Love was released this morning! Please check it out and share! I hope you will join me in creating this special project. 



Call Out to Singers!


Are you a singer? I need your voice!


Tomorrow is the first day for submissions to get in my new video We Are Love!


I'm so excited about this. Please visit tomorrow morning to learn all the details and collaborate with me on this exciting new project!


50% of any proceeds of this song and video go to benefit Little Kids Rock! A very cool organization that gives free instruments and music lessons to kids where music programs in schools have been cut due to budget restrictions. 


Here are some photos of some of the wonderful people who have already joined in as part of our Teaser video:


Airplay on Peaceful Radio


Thanks so much to DJ Benno for the airplay today on Peaceful Radio! I hope everyone will check out this beautiful station.


Countdown to Crowdsourced Music Teaser Video Release!


I'm super excited to launch my new project just six days from now on October 2nd! This project is like no other I've done before. I'll be reaching out to the world to submit videos for inclusion in my new song and video "We Are Love!"


It would be such an honor for me to have YOUR participation! Please visit for all the details. Be brave and express yourself! This is going to be so much fun!


50% of the proceeds of this project will be donated to the wonderful organization, Little Kids Rock! This amazing charity gives free instruments and music lessons to under served children and has helped over 300,000 kids in the last 12 years.


Here is a photo of some of the wonderful people who have submitted content for our Teaser video.